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Offers / enquiriws
Cotton Yarn Enquiry 

Date : 23/05/2009

Cotton Yarns on cone (Weaving Yarn)

 10s 20s OE cheese yarn       monthly each 30,000 Kgs.

 40s Combed yarn                    monthly  3,60,000 Kgs.

 40s Compact Combed yarn   monthly  2,90,000 Kgs.

 60s Combed yarn                   monthly  2,00,000 Kgs.

 80s Combed yarn                   monthly  1,83,000 Kgs.

 30s PV 65:35 yarn                 monthly  90,000 Kgs.

Hosiery Yarn (Knitting yarn)

 30s, 40s Combed yarn            monthly each 2,00,000 Kgs.

Hanks Yarn (Single)

              30s Carded                monthly 200 bales.

              40s Carded                monthly 125 bales.

              60s Carded                monthly 160 bales.

              80s Carded                monthly 100 bales.

Hanks Yarn (Double)

              2/40s Carded             monthly 480 bales.

              2/40s Combed           monthly 200 bales.

              2/60s Carded             monthly 300 bales.

              2/80s Combed           monthly 120 bales.

              2/100s Combed         monthly 100 bales.

Terms &conditions   

              1. Payment     :   Within 15 days from the date of delivery. Only PDC Cheque   

                                         will be issued. (Not Negotiable)

              2. Transport   :    F.O.R Coimbatore.

     3. Tax            :    As applicable

              4. Sample       :    For cotton Yarn on corn 3 baby cones of 250gms each count, Hosiery Yarn fabric one meter sample in each count.

Please inform if you can offer

Regards/Aditya Sekhsaria



Contact :-
Aditya Sekhsaria   
904,Tulsiani Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
Office Tel # 91-22-22854088/22823770. Resi # 23681062 Fax # 91-22-22834284
Reliance Mobile # 9322215173
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