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International Machinery Offer

                                                                                     Date: 24.08.2018

 One Of Our Clients has a Production Facility for cutting and sewing textile in Egypt and looking for a partner ,

The Facility in a Free-Zone Area

 Competitive Advantages of the Egyptian Economy and Production in Egypt:


Penetrate new markets :

By producing in Egypt we offer preferential access not only to the Egyptian market (100 Million) but also to majority of the world markets including the EU, US , Africa, Arabic Countries, North African Countries , Latin American Countries and Turkey by Bilateral agreements between Egypt and these entities and countries as explained below,



Over the years Egypt has concluded agreements with several economic groupings, the most prominent of which are:

The European Union (the Egyptian-EU Partnership Agreement);

The US (QIZ Agreement);

The Middle East (the Arab Free Trade Agreement)

Africa (COMESA)(20 Member countries)

Arica (SADC)(15 Member Countries).

Arabic countires Agreement.

North African Countries (Aghadeer Agreement).

Egypt- Turkey Free-Trade Agreement.

preferential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Common Market of the South America (Mercosur),

Jump import barriers :

Straightforward exports to Egypt are uncompetitive because of local customs duties and other barriers to entry. foreign firms that choose to invest in local facilities can benefit from trade barriers by gaining access to a domestic market and lower import duty on raw materials.

Lower production Costs :

Egypt has a very skilled and cheap (the cheapest in the regeion) labor force as well as raw materials available at a fraction of the cost . This is a notable advantage in the manufacture of products requiring high levels of labor.


Our local knowledge :

As we have been working in the private sector in Egypt for the last forty years we would bring to the venture a wealth of expertise in dealing with government banks and labor, and in developing the domestic market.


Access to official incentives :

Again incentives are frequently reserved for localy production firms as Egypt offer low interest rate for loans for producers .



Egypt's geographic location at the center of the world has placed it within reach of international markets in European, Arab, African and south Asian countries. With majority of vessels from the far east to Europe passing within the Egyptian land thus have very busy sea ports by the Suez Canal.



Egypt has a very advanced Banking sector that is capable of fulfilling all the needs for customers and it consists of commercial banks, which are local banks and non-local banks. In addition, there are branches affiliated to these banks which makes transfer of money easy and secure and quick.



Egypt's economy is one of the most diversified in the region, with the industry sector representing 32% of GDP; the services sector 54% and the agriculture sector 14%.

Egypt is the first Arab and African country to be invited by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to sign the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. Meanwhile, foreign direct investments multiplied 12 times in the period from 2001 to 2006 and continued to rise until the end of 2010.


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